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Dan David Higgins - 26yo

I’m an Award Winning Composer for Film, Tv And games.

I graduated from the University of Wolverhampton in 2018, and Graduated with a Bachelor of arts with Honours, Second Class (1st Division) in Performance industries. The course specialised in music applied through all panels of the creative industries. My choice of topic when studying was Classical Composition, of which I learned to apply for Film, TV, Games, Radio and Commercial Marketing. from this, I have been earning both experience and Credit as I have progressed.

Currently I have been apart of the Sound production and technician team at the Rutherglen community radio station, Camglen Radio. As a volunteer, I have been involved in being a sound engineer for live on air performances and writing musical jingles, trailers for presenters shows and redeveloping the theme of the radio station itself. From my current experience, I am learning more about digital marketing on social media as well as live radio advertisement. 

I am a member of the Musicians Union & a member of PRS. As a freelancer, I am available for commission. Whatever projects you may have on the go, you need music, I’m there for you.

Since I was ten years old, I picked up a guitar for the first time and tried to learn Stairway to heaven, a challenge I never turned my back on. before that I tried to learned the violin, achieved Grade 7 standard, fluent knowledge in Classical and Ceilidh music from this experience. 

From those instruments I developed a firm knowledge through the years of classical and modern music and have found a true appreciation for all music writers in the world. I have stretched my instrumental skills to acoustics, electrics, bass, and vocals (when required).


My songwriting began when I was 15 years old, when sitting in classrooms bored for the duration of high school, I jotted lyrics and continued to practice into large scale compositions adequate for bands and orchestras. Keep an ear open, because you may here one of my originals on the radio, on TV or even in Cinema's

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